James Arthur - Quite Miss Home

Promo News 25/11/2019:

"Stevie Russell tells a heartrending story of love and loss for James Arthur's Quite Miss Home.

Conor Delaney plays a man who, alone with his little dog, feels the presence of his wife in his country cottage - but she is not there any more. When a creaky door opens and we hear a 'hi', it's his memory playing tricks. The objects in his house all have associations, and Russell and Delaney explore the idea that memories are most wrapped up with objects - and that can be very painful indeed.

Shot around Wicklow, Co. Ireland, Stevie Russell has drawn inspiration from his surroundings, and Conor Delaney embodies the role with a natural flair, most evident in scenes where he is trying on his wife's clothing, taking his dog for a walk in a mismatch of hats, gowns and robes.

And then there's the little dog. When the man finally breaks... well, Stevie Russell knows how to tug the heartstrings, and he has used our canine friends to this end before. But this little fella is quite possibly the best dog actor ever used in a music video...

James Arthur contributes too - performing Quite Miss Home on a grand piano, in which looks like the same house. But if you have a lump in your throat at the end of this, its down to that bond between a man and his dog."